Parham AWAR addresses the need for Customised Automation, Smart Incident Response and Single-Pane Visibility for Cyber Security for an organisation of any size or complexity, reducing the current Incident Response time of min.15 minutes when the cyber attacks succeed in less than 4 minutes.

Parham’s Smart Incident Response works on multiple levels to strengthen the final cyber defence posture by utilising the following:

  • Threat Aggregation and Actionable Insights
    Parham consumes the threat intelligence and threat enrichment services in an automated manner and produces actionable insights for smart and informed remediation

  • Customised Automation Framework
    Parham AWAR ensures that Critical Security Incidents & Alerts are responded to within minutes. The current detection technologies send alerts within Minutes but the SOC teams take minimum 15 Minutes to respond whereas a successful cyber attack takes less than 4 minutes. This itself makes the existing SOCs ineffective vis a vis their primary objective.
    Parham makes the SOC more effective by addressing the organisation’s automation needs using custom integrations, workflows and rules.

  • Single-Pane Security Posture Visualisation
    The onset of advanced Security Solutions have created a Jungle of Technologies which often work in silos. Hence, the organisation misses out on the required synergy, thus, making the entire defence less effective. Parham AWAR helps organisations get a unified view of their entire Security infrastructure.

Currently we are working on helping organisation improve their security posture with Automated Cyber Drills and Simulated Analyst Training.

Winner of the Excellent Cyber Defense Center Automtaion Solution at the 1st National Cyber Security Summit and Awards, 2019 at TEC New Delhi, India.

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