The need for an Advance Warning System for Cyber Security has been felt for some time by most organisations globally. Being part of the industry, we were aware and were looking for a solution to address this gaping hole in the entire Cyber Defence fabric as it exists today.

We focussed on Advance Warning and Rapid Response for Cyber Security as a logical extension of our product PARHAM Automation Broker.

The Parham Advanced Warning & Response Solution (AWARS) is Industry’s first Comprehensive & Customised Proactive Security solution which Consolidates Threat Intelligence coming from multiple sources. Threat Feeds, Advisories, Attack information and SOC/SIEM real-time alerts are constantly generating data for any organisation which is substantial and critical. The challenge was getting actionable intelligence from this data that can be displayed into ONE consolidated View. Also, since everything is linked together, it was imperative that the conclusions that are drawn are verified before any action is taken. We have achieved this and this will really help the Security teams in shifting their stance in their defence posture, from reactive to Proactive.

Parham AWARS facilitates Incident Response to potential Cyber Attacks using an inbuilt Automation & Visualisation engine.

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